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Thread: Where can I download a German proofing tool for MS WORD

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    I am looking for a quick response..............

    I have installed MS office 2003 and it has English, Spanish and French proofing tools only. I want to know from where i can download German proofing tool. Is there anyone who can upload it for me or point me to a link form where i can download it for free ?

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    Re: Where can I download a German proofing tool for MS WORD

    I don't think there is any site from where you can download it for free. However, if you want then you can purchase the Office Language Pack 2007 for German from below lnik.

    Office Language Pack 2007 for German

    If you want to get older version then you will have to contact Microsoft support for the same as i don't see it in their stock.

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    Re: Where can I download a German proofing tool for MS WORD

    Better upgrade to new edition. You will get the same in that. You have to install languages in your office suite to use the proofing tool. You can get that through Windows Update also or you can simply download Office language pack from Microsoft site. This update will add a set of multiple languages in your system and then you can activate proofing. There is no separate proofing tool available through which you can get the kind of output you are looking for. You have to get a full set of language packs and then try to test it.

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    Re: Where can I download a German proofing tool for MS WORD

    Microsoft Proofing Tool 2013 can help you in getting what you want. This tool support a set of various languages. It offers you spell check for huge amount of languages. You just have to install and activate the same. If you want to use the office suite in other language then you will also need the language pack. Or else the text will be not properly visible in the file. There are no other proofing tool other than this. Microsoft Office is the only best one which looks amazing and has great features also. You have to apply proper language after installation.

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