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Thread: Re-Install Microsoft Office Activation Assistant.

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    Re-Install Microsoft Office Activation Assistant.

    I am using a trial edition of Microsoft Office 2007. My pc is also accessed by my friends and I found that someone has removed Office Activation Assistant from my system. I cannot activate the trail product. So I need some help here. From where I can download Office Activation Assistant from web. I tried to locate that on Google but cannot find anything.

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    Do you have the trail setup of Office 2007 with you. Remove the old one and then install it once again. The activation assistant will be installed automatically. There will be no issue with that. You can even perform a repair setup. Or simply look somewhere in Office Help the process to activate the product.

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    You can get that on web. It is available on many download website. It is correct that you can simply perform a repair setup to get it back but if you are not having the setup, you can go with Activation Assistant tool. It is a very basic tool that is available for free. And through that you can activate your office package.

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