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Thread: How to install if No CD-Drive available

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    How to install if No CD-Drive available

    I am looking to purchase a new Netbook. It seems to not have CD drive even though there are plenty of USB ports. So, can anyone tell me if I dont plan to purchase an external drive then how will I install MS Office? Incase, I download it form the net, what would be the size of the downloaded file? Will I be able to copy the info from the CD onto an external Hard drive and then from there installed it to the Netbook? Thanks

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    Re: How to install if No CD-Drive available

    Well, you can easily try to install it through network or copy the CD to a USB device and use the usb drive to install it.

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    Re: How to install if No CD-Drive available

    Yeah, the other method of installing it from the USB or External drive would be fine. You will just need to copt the entire contents of the CD/DVD into a folder on the hard drive and then install it from there. I have done it many times with all version of Office. Hope this helps.

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    Re: How to install if No CD-Drive available

    Yes, it should definitely work properly. I have done that things many times without any issues.

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