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Thread: Setup Controller has encountered a problem.

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    Setup Controller has encountered a problem.

    I first bought Office and Student 2007 and have been using it fine for the past 6 months. I downloaded the trial version of Outlook 2007 with business manager.

    I downloaded it from Microsoft with the lock key and the cd download. I didn't uninstall the trial because I assumed that when I hit the activation in the help I could just enter the key I obtained from Microsoft, well that is not the case at all. Now when I open outlook I get that the trial version has expired (even though I installed the 149.00 version) I purchased online.

    When I hit the convert button I get this error message: setup controller has encountered a problem during install. Please check log files.

    (There are no log files)

    I went to unistall and there are so many microsoft office products listed I am not sure what to install and uninstall, plus I have thousands of emails I have used over the past months with the trial version I don't want to loose them

    So now does anyone know how to fix all this?

    Vista 64 I am running and I am admin

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    Re: Setup Controller has encountered a problem.

    You need to remove all versions of office and then clear temp files and then restart your computer before reinstalling your paid version of Office Suite. Also, your mail and docs will be not affected at all.

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