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Thread: Does Office 2007 offers Classic Mode ?

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    Does Office 2007 offers Classic Mode ?

    Can anyone tell me if the Office 2007 system offers a classic mode to make it behave like Office 2003? I am not able to tell you how much I hate the new user interface. The new features in Office 2007 seems to be good but I didnt like the UI, so is there anyway to change between a Classic Mode or some different mode? Thanks.

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    It is just your opinion, because I know alot of advanced users who like the new interface quite a bit. There are people like you who also hate it and refuse to use it. For me I can eventually take it or leave it because I am fine with it and I can see how it makes some features more discoverable.

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    What were they thinking...

    The chagne to Office 2007 is the worst decision MSFT has ever made. Watch the video link about how the ribbon was developed. The presenter is critical of "Clippy", intelligent menus and the old toolbar from the mid 1980's. I can't wait until MSFT finally recognizes the blunder that they have made and start to lampoon the Ribbon for what it is, a disaster. I have been on Office 2007 for over a month and can't stand it. I am begging my IT department to change my computer to 2003. I understand there are people out there that have a hard time adding 2 and 2 and were confused by Excel, but to dummy the product down is incredible. They should have come out with two separate products, Office for dummy's with the ribbon and simply improved the speed of O2003. They had Works, apply the Ribbon to that product. A simple example of the crap is to filter a spreadsheet now takes 2 clicks where O2003 only took 1. Yes I want to filter this spreadsheet, that is why I selected filter. So please don't start the filtering process off with all on. I am filtering because I don't want all. So now to filter the item I want, I have to deselect all and then select what I want. O2003, just select what you want - Genius.

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