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Thread: Want Office 2003 interface instead of Office 2007

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    Want Office 2003 interface instead of Office 2007

    How to get Office 2003 interface on Microsoft Office 2007. I had just upgraded and unable to find out any option related to that. I was also looking for some kind of transformation pack on the web that would do the same. But it looks there is a complete dead end. Whatever interface offered on the new edition of office cannot be changed. I hope there will be some way to find out any settings for it.

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    There is no way to get the classic look back. You can see ample of threads which are based on Office 2007 interface. It is right that many are annoyed with changed design and it is annoying to adjust. You have to learn that and then you would be able to use it. It is not at all complicated.

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    It is new office 2007 and hopefully to get a old interface you have to install office 2003. That is the only way to get old interface back or else there is nothing you can do. It took me a long time to get adjust to the new interface of office 2007. I am quiet not happy with the stuff that office had provided in the new version. I hope there would be any

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    Re: Want Office 2003 interface instead of Office 2007

    These links don't work..

    can anyone point me to a link for importing exportedUI files for a Classic MS Office 2003 looking tab, for use in office 2007/2010?


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    Re: Want Office 2003 interface instead of Office 2007

    You can make use of the UbitMenu. This is the free add-on designed for MS Office 2007. It is having the option by which you will be able to set the interface of this as the interface of the Office 2003. It will be installed as one additional menu in Office 2007 applications that will help you to switch to the both the interfaces as you want.

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