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Thread: motherboard for Intel Prescott P4 506 2.66GHz processor

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    Post motherboard for Intel Prescott P4 506 2.66GHz processor

    I have Intel Prescott P4 506 2.66GHz processor

    which motherboards can house the above processor???

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    I run mine in the following configuration: Abit AG8-V i915p motherboard 2GB Winbond BH5 PC3200 DDR EVGA 7800GT 256MB @ 500/1250MHz Scythe Ninja heatsink w/Yate Loon 1250rpm 120mm fan Antec TruPower2.0 480W power supply In this configuration the system is 100% stable set to 200MHz/800fsb for a 4GHz cpu rate on 1.46V Vcore. Maximum loaded cpu temperature as reported by the Abit motherboard's bios is 54C. With the overclocked EVGA 7800GT the system produces a 3DMark01 of 25,000, 3DMark 03 of 17,500, and 3DMark 05 of 8,000. Have been running this configuration in constant daily use for over 5 months now with no issues or concerns. Very nice setup for very little money, and it allows you to take advantage of the latest PCI Express video cards like the 6600/7600GT and the 7800/7900 series while re-using DDR ram should you already have it.

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