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Thread: IBM ThinkCentre keeps restarting

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    IBM ThinkCentre keeps restarting

    I am using a IBM ThinkCentre MT-M 8183 model computer. It was working fine till now but recently when I left it running for a while and came back then I was getting an error message stating "PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable" and "PXE-M0F Exiting Intel boot agent" and "No Operating System Found". The pc keeps restarting displaying this message in a cycle. I changed the cable but that didnt solve this problem? What else can I do to fix this error? Please help

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    Re: IBM ThinkCentre keeps restarting

    I am guessing that most probably the hard drive could be bad or the cable is bad or the cable connection is loose someplace. It might be also possible that the motherboard had gone bad. You could try to take out the motherboard from the computer case and test to boot it with CPU, and PSU connected only, dont plug in usb peripherals like keyboard and mouse and also dont insert RAM. Check if there is signs of running, if not then the motherboard is dead.

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