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Thread: Dual core cpu + 2GB for photo editing is enough

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    Dual core cpu + 2GB for photo editing is enough

    Is is a Dual Core processor and 2GB ram will be enough to run the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. I want a pc for office usage where we mostly work on Photoshop. There are already two systems. I am looking for a third one where I found a used computer which has a Dual core processor and 2GB RAM. It is not having a hard drive. That I will buy. But performance point of view I want to know that does this system will perform well in editing HD photos. I do not have any kind of video requirement. I only have photo editing work. I am not really sure about buying this. Most of the systems in my office have Core i3 processor.

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    Re: Dual core cpu + 2GB for photo machine is enough

    I think it will work. If you can arrange a 2GB ram more then it is well and good. It will provide you a decent output. For more performance adding a entry level graphic card of around 512MB will do the job. And if you are going for a new hard drive try to buy one that has the highest rpm. So that data read and write must be faster. Dual Core processor will not give you top edge performance, but it is ideal for office usage. Compare to them if you go with the latest processor, you get faster image conversion. From my point of view the configuration that you had mentioned will work. But do not expect anything for video editing.

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    Re: Dual core cpu + 2GB for photo editing is enough

    Instead of dual core I think you must go ahead with a Core 2 Duo upgrade you are need a bit powerful system that can perform really well without much issue. Dual core is a bit low end and might not work well. Compare to that Core 2 Duo is more powerful due to two separate cpu cores. With good set of ram you can use high end photo editing software on the same. Here if you are going to work on the RAW files directly then the system might take sometime to respond. Due to image conversion to different format. Processing power is the most required here.

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