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Thread: High fan noise on AMD FX-8350 based system

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    High fan noise on AMD FX-8350 based system

    I don't know whether my system is heating or there is some issue with that. I am using Firefox as my default web browser. I use YouTube to watch different videos. I had notice one thing that is a bit annoying. After I start working on my pc and after few hours I found that the cpu fan is taking too high noise. I am not able to figure out why. I am having a AMD FX8350 series system with Antec liquid cooler on that. It just makes a noise when I am using a web browser. On gaming it is way too high. I think the processor is getting hot. How can I find this thing and fix the problem.

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    Re: High fan noise on AMD FX-8350 based system

    High cpu fan noise means the processor is heating and you can find the exact temperature through any cpu temperature monitoring software. There are ample of them. Just install and run the same. The application will give you the exact detail of current temperature and then you can deal with that. It happens that after a long hours of usage the heat sink is wiped out. And that is because you are having the heating issue. You have to replace that by buying a much better one. You can get a decent heat sink in any good hardware shop. Just get one and use it.

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    Re: High fan noise on AMD FX-8350 based system

    It is common I think and you don't have to worry much. Because you are having a liquid cooler. In my experience I had seen that in summer time the cpu fan makes more noise in then in other season. That is because of hot room temperature. It is already getting hotter while working and above that the temperature around is also hot. So liquid cooler take cares of that. Changing the heat sink will surely help you a lot. There is no need to change that if the temperature is around 40 or 50. But above that it is a topic to concern. Try to keep the system open from one side and then check.

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