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Thread: Asus TPU and EPU question

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    Asus TPU and EPU question

    I am using a ASUS P8Z77-V PRO motherboard and I have noticed that there are 2 switches on it namely TPU and EPU? These switches on the motherboard comes as Disabled by default. If I turn on these switches then what will it do, will it make my system faster or something else? Can anyone tell me if it is fine to enable both of these switches? If not then why are these meant to be disabled in the very first place in the motherboard? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: Asus TPU and EPU question

    As far as I know about them, EPU is used for Power savings that can turn off power phases and also drops voltages under light load to save power where else TPU is the overclocking hardware, increases extra phases, voltages, etc; under load and this will increase more stability and speed automatically for your system. If I am not mistaken then turning on the TPU switch in your system will turn on auto-overclocking in the BIOS as well.

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    Re: Asus TPU and EPU question

    I would suggest you to stay away from switching on TPU because it is an auto overclock utility which will overclock the CPU to any amount. If you still want to overclock then it is better to go with the manual way or else you can even use some overclocking software. Also, if you had turned on those switches and you try to perform any other things throug the software then there might be some conflicts and crashes, so it is not recommened to turn on those features.

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    Re: Asus TPU and EPU question

    You should also note that you need to ensure that which way is the turn off/on switch because I had read once from the manual that it is either backwards or unclear. In any case, if you switch it up then it turns off probably and it could be possible that both of them might be off in your system. Incase you have the EPU and TPU software installed then you should not mess with the switches because there is no advantage at all.

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