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Thread: asrock z97 pro3 with i5-4590 problem

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    asrock z97 pro3 with i5-4590 problem

    I recently started building a new computer. After putting everything and firing up the maching I got 5 short beeps. After checking what does this beep sound mean, it was actually related to the CPU error code. I have already tried to reseat the CPU but it is still not working. So does that mean that the CPU is dead? Or is there something else that I have missed so far. I am using Corsair DDR3-1600mhz RAM, R9 280 graphics card and an SSD. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks

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    Re: asrock z97 pro3 with i5-4590 problem

    You should also try to unplug any Sata or USB cables and then reinstall only the CPU and on the motherboard and connect the CPU cooler and then connect the 24 pin connector and also the 8 pin CPU power cable and ensure that this is the CPU power connector and not the PCIe connector for a graphics card. After that install RAM and try to boot your pc and check if you are able to get to the BIOS screen. Incase if there is no onboard graphics then connect graphics card and boot.

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    Re: asrock z97 pro3 with i5-4590 problem

    First check the CPU cooler, even if it is stock one and make sure no metal parts are touching metal motherboard components like chipset covers, resistors, etc. Check the motherboard itself and look for any scratches, burn marks, swollen capacitors or loose components like chips. Just try to pull out the CPU again and ensure that it is aligned properly. Also check for some thermal compound if it is not spread to the bottom of the CPU.

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