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Thread: What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

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    What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

    I am looking for buying Asus X99 motherboard in India. I am willing to buy the same but it looks fairly costly. And I had seen this board on some international site which are selling it at a very high rate. I want a bit information on this board because I am willing to build a gaming pc. But it looks a very high end one and I think it would be a one kind of solution. What is the actual cost of this board in the market. Is it above Rs.45000. I want a site that can send me the at a more reasonable price.

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    Re: What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

    It is a nice board which lies around Rs.38500 on eBay. You can find this board on your local shop also. This will be lot more cheaper. But it is good if you can get bit a low end if your requirement is only limited to gaming. There are good alternative that you can go for. Because this is a high end motherboard and this will offer you many extra features which you might not really use. Like high end overclocking stuff. Here for gaming there are things that you can still sacrifice many things.

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    Re: What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

    This board supports the latest android hashwell based processor. That means it supports 4th generation processors which are way to costly. There are some low end boards that are powerful enough to run Intel 3rd generation core i series processor which I think will be enough for your gaming stuff. All you have to do is buy some good pair of graphic cards and that will do the job. The deluxe edition just have some extra flashing things that I do not really think you will need.

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    Re: What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

    There are some good high end series by Gigabyte. I will not recommend you to stick with one single model. It is better you checkout different alternatives so that it would be easier for you to manage. The board has hashwell architecture and there are many similar one available in the market. The one that you had mentioned is out of budget and it will increase your board cost very high. For gaming there are ample of good things. Like in Gigabyte you can find out various models which are wroth to test. And many of them supports multiple graphic cards with the latest hashwell processors.

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    Re: What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

    One of the major issue with such boards is that it is not so easy to find a seller for them. There are few one who are selling on eBay. Or if you ship that directly from Asus then you might have to pay more for the same. So a good advice is that you must try finding out some boards that are based on the same kind of chipset but available in the local market. So that you wont have to pay a very high cost. It is a nice high end board and it falls in the deluxe edition. But why to buy that if you don't want to go for overclocking.

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    Re: What is the cost of Asus X99 motherboard in India

    Just checkout the sniper series in Gigabyte. They give you the same kind of features which you are trying to find in such a high end model. I really found the sniper series effective and to some extent it is not a very costly board. One model which I will recommend you is G1.Sniper 5. You get support for the latest 4th generation Intel Core i series processor with many high end upgrades. This board is also good for overclocking. But do use a good cooling support or else it will be hard to get a stable overclocking output.

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