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Thread: new Asrock 990fx build wont boot

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    new Asrock 990fx build wont boot

    I have recently build a new computer with Asrock 990FX motherboard, AMD FX-8350 CPU, 4GB of RAM and Radeon R9 290x graphics card along with 1000W power supply. So, after putting all the things and turning it on, all fans are spinning but I am not getting any signal on my TV. There doesnt seem to be any POST speaker sound as well. I dont know where else to look to solve this issue, so kindly help me out. Thanks

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    Re: new Asrock 990fx build wont boot

    Can you tell us whether you have tried to move the RAM stick around or else just tried to boot the computer with only 1 stick of RAM at a time and see to it if there is no bad memory stick. Also try to insert the RAM sticks on different slots on the mobo to ensure that there is not bad RAM slot either. You might also need to test a different display port for the graphics card or else try to get a different monitor for testing purpose.

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    Re: new Asrock 990fx build wont boot

    If the above metioned solution doesnt work for you then try to make sure you have seated the CPU properly and there are no bent pins on it. If still nothing then there is nothing you can do but RMA your motherboard for replace or repair. Also, if you have any other Power Supply then try to test it as well. Note that if you have bought a used computer part then you might be duped for taking a non-working item.

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    Re: new Asrock 990fx build wont boot

    I believe that you can easily get a POST speaker for minimal amount, so that it will help you out narrow down the problem a bit. You need to also ensure that you have all the important cables connected properly. The graphics card that you have requires 2 PCIe, check both the 8 pin and 24 pin is connected properly on the motherboard. Also check if the CPU heatsink is properly installed and the fan on it is connected to the proper CPU fan header on the motherboard. After this, check the RAM configuration like said above.

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