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Thread: Which is the best MSI Z97 series board for gaming

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    Which is the best MSI Z97 series board for gaming

    I am confused with which gaming motherboard to select. I am trying to go ahead with a MSI Z97 which is a high end gaming series. There are different models on the same. I am not able to find price for the same also. I hope this boards are sold in India at a good price range. Before finding that I want to know a good one that is ideal for dual monitors for the same. I had also not yet dedicated which graphic card to go for. Sometime it is confusing to find out a specific model because of common features.

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    Re: Which is the best MSI Z97 series board for gaming

    MSI Z97 is a high end series which is ideal for building up a extreme system. There are many entry level models and also there are some high end. I am not really sure about the cost here. I am giving you a link below where you can find simply select the board you want. And you can also compare the same. There are around 11 boards in total and you can select from low end to high end one. And on that basis you can decide. Depending on the cost you can choose the one you want.

    Z97 GAMING motherboards

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    Re: Which is the best MSI Z97 series board for gaming

    I can give you a tiny list of things that you can simply go for but I am not sure the price of the same in India. There are three models that I will recommend which is Asrock Z97, Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H and Asus Z97-Pro. Among this three my friend is using Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H. This is also a good board and it is also ideal for gaming stuff. And you can build a high end gaming pc or a system for overclocking stuff. It is also better to choose a latest model always so that you get new features.

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