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Thread: GPT error after changing hard drive sata port on MSI board

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    GPT error after changing hard drive sata port on MSI board

    I am having a old msi board. I had bought this system around 3 years ago. It is having a quad core processor in the same with 6GB RAM. And it is working fine. Recently my hard drive crashed so I bought a 2TB model. I also have a 160GB drive which I had formatted and installed Windows on the same. There are in total 6 Sata ports. I had connected the drive on Sata 5 and the 2TB drive on Sata 3. My friend suggested me to put the operating system drive on Sata 1. I did that and I am getting this gpt error on boot.

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    Re: GPT error after changing hard drive sata port on MSI board

    There is no special requirement for connecting the drive on different sata ports. The OS is detected on the basis of mbr. And the drive which has a mbr will boot the os. You can switch the drive cable anytime you want. There can be some other problem I thin which you have to test once again. You have to see that the cable is properly connected or not. Try to remove the other drive and connect only single one. And recheck the cable once again. I am quiet sure this is a cable problem.

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    Re: GPT error after changing hard drive sata port on MSI board

    It is right that there is no special measurement for setting up the drive on different sata ports. What matters is proper connectivity. First boot your pc and hit the Del key to enter BIOS. Check that both the drives are detected. You can go in Boot Device Priority and set your OS drive as default one to boot. Once you are done with that, then reboot and your system will start working. If still the issue occur reconnect the drive on their default location like before and test back.

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