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Thread: Unable to remove cpu 8pin connector from Asus P5Q

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    Unable to remove cpu 8pin connector from Asus P5Q

    I want to replace the power supply. Because my pc is not booting. I can see red light on the board blinking continuously. And on many forums the issue is related to the psu. I tried removing all the cables but the CPU cable is stuck. It is a 8pin cable. I do not want to damage the socket. Because it belong to the processor and if something happen the entire system will not work. Is there any way I can remove it easily. I tried pulling it hard but it is not working.

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    Re: Unable to remove cpu 8pin connector from Asus P5Q

    It is a common issue. It happens most of the time when you open your case after a very long time. Here you have to keep some patience. Do not pull it hard or else you can break the socket. Just try to pull left and right and then pull up. Do this continuously and try slowly. It does not matter if this take times. I do this always. I push the cable and then move it left and right. Slowly the connection get loose and I can pull it without breaking anything. Just try it.

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    Re: Unable to remove cpu 8pin connector from Asus P5Q

    Sometime what happen, due to long usage the plastic over the connector melts and it get molded on the socket. Just because of that reason it becomes very hard to remove it. You have to work slowly here. And also there is a lock on the top. To remove you have to press the clip and then pull it slowly. The above method will surely work. Hold the clip and that pull it up and slowly shake it. If it still fails to work then I will recommend you to contact some hardware expert.

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