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Thread: Intel Quad core cpu temperature jumps to 70 while gaming

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    Intel Quad core cpu temperature jumps to 70 while gaming

    My friend has a Intel Quad core based system which has Asus board and 4GB RAM. I had notice that this system works well on idle model but as soon as I start any game the temperature jumps to 70 and keeps on rising. On idle it is around 40 degree. And the cpu usage is also at maximum. I am trying to play Evil Within on this. The game works well. I had played this for two hours and there was no issue. But the rising temperature is what I think not a good for the system.

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    Re: Intel Quad core cpu temperature jumps to 70 while gaming

    It means that your cpu is getting very hot when you are doing a work that requires processing. And to resolve that you can try replacing your cpu fan. When the cpu increase its processing the fan also increasing its speed to draw out maximum heat. Here the fan is not working well. You can check that rpm in bios or through any third party app. Rising rpm is very important or else the cpu can fry. You have to turn off your pc for few minutes in between to avoid any hardware damage.

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    Re: Intel Quad core cpu temperature jumps to 70 while gaming

    Try replacing the thermal paste. It will help a lot. And it is right that if the cpu fan is very old and is unable to increase its rpm then it can cause problem with your system. Here you can try changing the thermal paste that will give you a 10degree relief in the temperature. Instant rise in temperature is very common for old system. Compare to that if you have Core i5 then things are reverse. In old cpu all cores are used in while in latest one minimum are used on the basis of requirement.

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