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Thread: western digital hdd password

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    western digital hdd password

    i have forgotten the western digital hard disk password. Is there any way to sort this out..

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    Re: western digital hdd password

    Try to unplug the power and press the reset button on the back which will reset your hard drive to the default and not erase any files. After that you can use the default user/password by looking in your manual, mainly the user admin and password would be either admin or 123456.

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    Re: western digital hdd password

    Hi Vivek.thakur.

    I am sorry to hear about it. Just like to check with you, are you using WD Smartware software. If yes then, I want to update you, If you can’t remember your password then you will not be able to access the drive. However, you can reuse the drive after it has been formatted. Reformatting the drive will erase all the data on the unit, as well as remove the password from the drive. If you want to start over,
    [check the I understand that reformatting my drive will delete all of my data and click Format.]

    The drive will be reformatted and unlocked to start over again.

    If you are not using the WD Smartware software, but using some kind of Operating System level password encryption, the below link might help you to change the permissions.

    Good luck

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