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Thread: Which is the cheapest processor for a entry level pc

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    Which is the cheapest processor for a entry level pc

    What processor is the market is the cheapest one to build a entry level pc. I want to build a pc for my brother who will be using it for study purpose. Like for presentation work, for file editing, web surfing, videos, etc. There is nothing much to do. I was able to find a few dual core cpu but the entire build over that is reaching above Rs.20000. I had done assembling before. But I am not good in finding out compatible hardware. I am trying to find the cheapest available processor in the market that I use for making a decent entry level computer. My friends are asking me to check in AMD. But I had worked on Intel most of the time. I never used AMD. I hope it will be good.

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    Re: Which is the cheapest processor for a entry level pc

    I can see two models in the market that can fulfill your need. But both are amd and they are good cpu. You can try AMD 2.8 GHz AM3 Sempron 145 that comes for Rs.1900 and AMD Sempron 2650 Processor that comes for Rs.2400. So this would be quiet enough for building a entry level pc. You have to use more ram so that your system does not freeze. And when you are using application try using limited one. There are lot of positive feedback on the cpu model that you can go for. Just try to find more similar models. This are single core cpu that wont perform well if you are trying to play games on the same.

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    Re: Which is the cheapest processor for a entry level pc

    There is a huge difference between old and new models. Old one need more power to work while new one gets less hot while working.They require low power. That is why they are also reliable. If you still need a entry level cpu then I will recommend you to go with Intel's Celeron series. This one is a old one but still there are cpu released in the market which are quiet ideal for day to day usage. You can try locating the cost of Intel 2.6 GHz LGA 1155 Celeron G1610 in your local shop. This is sold for Rs.3300 online. But there can be price difference in the local shop. There are lot of budget models available under Celeron series.

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