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Thread: unable to update ASUS H87-PLUS bios

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    unable to update ASUS H87-PLUS bios

    I am using Asus H87-Plus motherboard and I am trying to update BIOS on this motherboard. When I went into the EZ Flash 2 utility I didnt find any bios update in there. So, i went to the Asus website and downloaded the BIOS for my operating system and saved it in my usb drive. I am updating the bios because of very slow speed of my processor. It takes a lot of time to open files on my computer. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks

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    Re: unable to update ASUS H87-PLUS bios

    Ae you sure that you downloaded the BIOS file and not the BIOS updater software? Just go to this Asus website for your motherboard - and download the bios files properly. First you will need to select on which operating system you want to install the BIOS. Likefor example, if you choose Windows 7 64bit then from the below list you can click on BIOS and download the bios files that you want. Once you have downloaded it then extract to the usb drive.

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    Re: unable to update ASUS H87-PLUS bios

    The BIOS file that you have downloaded must be in a zip file. So to extract the files you will need to install a software called Winzip in your computer. Once installed then right click on the BIOS zip file and choose the option to extract. After extracting the files you will get a file with an extension called .cap. Just put it in your flash drive and restart your pc and go to EZflash. The file will be recognized by EZflash and thus you can start to flash your BIOS file in your computer.

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    Re: unable to update ASUS H87-PLUS bios

    Follow the below steps to update BIOS in your computer:
    1. Insert a USB flash disk that contains the BIOS file to the USB port.
    2. Turn on the system.
    3. The utility will automatically checks the devices for the BIOS file. When found, the utility reads the BIOS file and starts to flash the corrupted BIOS file.
    4. Restart the system after the utility completes the updating process.

    You can get more information on updating bios from this link -

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