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Thread: MSI Z87-G41 audio problem

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    MSI Z87-G41 audio problem

    I have just bought a new computer with MSI Z87-G41 motherboard, 4gb ram, HD 6870 graphics card and intel i5 core processor. After putting everything together the onboard sound on the motherboard is not working at all. Have installed all the latest drivers that I got from the motherboard's manufacturer website along with the latest Realtek audio drivers. I have also checked that the BIOS version is upto-date. Is this a hardware problem or some sort of software side issue? Any ideas

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    Re: MSI Z87-G41 audio problem

    Well, can you download a linux operating system such as Ubuntu and then restart your computer running from the CD live, but dont install linux. After that can you test the audio settings again whether it is working in linux or not? If it is working then it is a driver problem in your Windows installation but if this is not working then it is surely a hardware related problem. You will need to contact MSI support to RMA the board and get a replacement.

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    Re: MSI Z87-G41 audio problem

    You dont need to install the AMD audio drivers because unless you are going to use HDMI output to a monitor's speakers, it is not needed at all. You must be able to right click on any of the audio device in Device Manager and disable any one of them easily. Can you try to take out the video card and then run the onboard graphics. After that remove the audio and graphics drivers and then install the latest one for the similar devices and check if you are getting any audio?

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    Re: MSI Z87-G41 audio problem

    I was also facing the same problem with this same model motherboard and was going to ask MSI about replacing my motherboard. But I remember that I have got a CD in with the motherboard box that came along with it. I removed all the latest audio drivers and then inserted this CD and installed the audio drivers and to my surprise the audio started working. This is an old audio driver version that I have installed and the latest ones are not working it seems.

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