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Thread: Aircooler for AMD FX 8350 processor

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    Aircooler for AMD FX 8350 processor

    Which air cooler will be good for AMD FX8350 processor. I wan a good one that can help me to play games and also that can keep the cpu cooler at the time of overclocking. I am not able to find a good one. Many says that it is good for a liquid cooler. It is out of my budget. I am not going to overclock this cpu at a very high rate. I just want a lag free gaming output on dual monitor. I am using the stock fan right now. Will that work.

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    Re: Aircooler for AMD FX 8350 processor

    For overclocking you will need a high performance cooler. You wont be able to get proper output on regular fan. The model that I recommend is Phanteks PH-TC12DX. Just checkout that it is available on your local shop or not. This cooler comes with dual 120mm fan.A thick black heat-sink is placed in the bottom. It is also quiet large. This one is the best that can keep your cpu cooler at a standard temperature while using it.

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    Re: Aircooler for AMD FX 8350 processor

    Don't stick with budget coolers. They are not going to help you much. You can still use the processor for gaming with stock fan.But for overclocking you have to spend a good amount in the best cooler. Noctua NH-D14 is another good one. It has bigger fan. There are 2x 140 mm fan with dual radiator. It is costly but one time solution for your cpu cooling. I will recommend you to check this out. It is available on many online shop.

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    Re: Aircooler for AMD FX 8350 processor

    The fan which are mentioned above can easily cost you move than Rs.5000. So better go with portable liquid cooler. The cheapest one among all is Corsair H40. This comes for Rs.4300. This cooler has a 120mm fan. That offer you maximum 2000 RPM. It works really fine keep you more extreme cooling output compare to those big size fan. It also consume really less space in your system. It will be more reliable according to me.

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