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Thread: Instant power failure damage 4GB RAM

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    Instant power failure damage 4GB RAM

    There was a power issue last night. The system was turned off two to three times. I was playing games at that moment. After when I switched on the pc I got a beep error. I keep it off for few hours and then turned on back. But the same issue. I checked in bios and found that my 4GB ram is not detected. I had bought this a year before. It is a corsair ram. How to find the ram is damage or not.

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    Re: Instant power failure damage 4GB RAM

    Turn off your pc and open the system case. Then remove the ram and clean the lower edges with an ink rubber. Hook the ram on different ram slot. Then boot your system. Go in bios. If the ram remain undetected then it is damage. You can also try testing it on some other pc. It must respond or else you won't be able to boot your system. Many ram sticks carry a 3 year warranty. Just contact your seller for that.

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    Re: Instant power failure damage 4GB RAM

    Change the ram slot and boot your system with memtest. It is a bootable software that tell you whether your ram is working or not. If you get any error in it then the ram is damage. It happens that many hardware part of a pc get damage due to power failure. If you are using a very old or low quality psu then other hardware are also on risk. You must spend a bit good amount to buy a good quality power supply unit.

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    Re: Instant power failure damage 4GB RAM

    That is right. If you are using a low quality smps then type of issue occur. Because your hardware is already pressurized due to poor power supply. I had seen that people always buy a good system but they do not spend money on psu. They get a regular one that degrade hardware life and when this kind of incident occur your hardware stops working completely. Ram chipset are cheaper now days, you can get a new one.

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