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Thread: No Power, no fans, no nothing!

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    No Power, no fans, no nothing!

    Hello, I'm not sure if this was the best place to put this post, so if not, could a moderator move it for me?

    New Build not powering up!!! I'm using my old CoolerMaster 690 (1st version) with a new B85-G41 PC_Mate, Seasonic 550 S12G, 16GB DDR3 1600.

    I never tested Mobo for power before hooking up all my SSD,HDD, and ODD drives, and plugs.
    7 years ago, I installed everything first, then it's been working ever since, so I had no reason to think this time is any different. (My bad)
    Soooo either a Bad PSU ( Seasonic 550W) or it's Grounding out on Mobo.

    No power....Ummmmmm,
    On my Old MSI P-35 Platinum, it had 8 or. 9 Mobo stand screws. (Correct name escapes me) This new B85 has only 6, are these universal in size, I did not see any of these with the new Mobo, are they usually included? I'll look again.

    I was careful, counted only 6 Mobo holes and aligned th up with the screws.
    I ended up using the Intel stock cooler, so there is no retaining bracket on the bottom from
    an after market cooler making contact with case.

    I went to Fry's and bought a CoolerMaster 550 PSU, I was going to try that first, would that cause any problems? (24 ATX PWR, & 4+4 CPU)

    I'd try that before disconnecting all, and removing to check below the Mobo. But then again, no power, which is either a bad PSU, or like you said, it grounding out.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
    The board cost $60.00 on Newegg, maybe it's a cheap board and should have gone with something else.

    At Fry's I also bought a IDE to SATA adapter, so I can still use my other Pioneer ODD.

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    Re: No Power, no fans, no nothing!

    No power, so I hooked new Seasonic PSU to my old MSI P-35, and board light went on, so it's not the power unit..good!
    Knowing I have power, and checking the other side panel and saw 6 stand screws, so I know that can't be shorting out the Mobo.

    Thinking now it's not the ground or PSU, there's got to be something going on with the Mobo. So I went over my whole system again, flipped the switch and now at least the fans spin up, then shut down one second later, using the case power button, but reset button did not work.
    So I went over the JFP1 header illustration on page En-20, the MSI Manual for this B85-G41, and in looking at these pins, switch

    JFP1 is a 10 pin ( less one #9 reserved)
    Looking head on with the top left,
    + - + -
    Power LED / Power Switch
    + - - +
    HDD LED / Reset Switch
    I noticed on the back of the NEG pins, there is a small arrow. According to the illustration:
    ~On the top row (4 pins) it's-
    ~On the bottom row (5 pins) it's-
    I just flipped the reset pair over so now it's +\- & -\+.
    So the fan powers up just for a second, then shuts off.
    Now what could be going on?

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    Re: No Power, no fans, no nothing!

    If your motherboard is not booting at all then its definitely the motherboard or power supply issue. Can you try to just connect the motherboard to the PSU and then check if it either lights up or not. If your mobo starts then you can rule out the issue with it and suspect other problems with RAM or either CPU.

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    angry Re: No Power, no fans, no nothing!

    After repeatedly testing ONLY these installed components,
    (JFP1 pinheads, 24 ATX 24 power, 4+4 CPU power, and one stick of ram) by jumping the two top right pins for the POWER SWITCH, neg / pos, No power!

    Then I removed the Mobo from the case, and tried the same thing OUTSIDE the case, on a non-conductive surface, and again...NADA.

    So I'm getting this board RMA'D from Newegg.

    This could be a coinkydink, or maybe the reason the Mobo stopped working all together, but like I said previously in one of my posts, when the CPU fan spun then abruptly stopped, this time I then unplugged the 3.0 plug that goes into the 3.0. Header just below the ATX header, (for my 3rd party multi- port 3.0/2.0 Bay slot, since this old case doesn't have 3.0 in the front.
    *Once removed, the fans fired right up and stayed on until I shut it off.

    I turned it on again, but no power at all, and that's when I started jumping pins in and out of the case. Could something like that short anything?
    Anyway, when I get the new board, this time I'm going to add piece then check, until hopefully, it will all work together.
    The standoffs did not come with my board, I used my other MSI P-35's standoff, so I'm guessing they are all universal in size to be flush with the I/O shield.

    Did I miss anything? Thanks!

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    Re: No Power, no fans, no nothing!

    That really sucks when you work so hard and in the end dont get any results. Anyways, if you are not sure how to proceed further then you can even get your system to a computer repair shop and diagnose the problem where it lies exactly.

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