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Thread: Advice for gaming motherboard

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    Advice for gaming motherboard

    I want to buy the latest gaming motherboard. I had seen a few models on web but not able to understand which is the best one. Some board comes with dual bios, while some has military grade protection. I want to know which one will be the best one among all. I need a high end gaming board. I do not want to spend money again and again on new upgrades. I had seen some good models under Gigabyte. Those are under budget.

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    Re: Advice for gaming motherboard

    Before buying a board you have to decide what socket you are willing to buy. Due you want to for amd or you will go for intel. There are different boards with different features. Many gamers prefer to go with amd due to better graphic processing. Under amd you can check some gaming boards under msi. Like A88X-G45,A88XM GAMING,etc. This are all high end boards which are ideal for gaming.

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    Re: Advice for gaming motherboard

    According to me Intel will be a better choice. I am going to recommend you a board from Gigabyte. It is the most high end board with latest Intel's 4the generation processor support. The model is G1.Sniper 5. This board has LGA 1150 socket. You can add the latest Core i7 cpu on it and build your own extreme machine. The board features Intel Z87 chipset. Along with gaming feature it is also durable. It offer you on-board wifi and Bluetooth with 4 way crossfire. It also has Creative Sound Core 3D and fast gigabit lan port.

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    Re: Advice for gaming motherboard

    Gaming boards are costly. There are some budget board in the market which can help you to build a decent gaming pc. All you have to do is find the right socket and chipset. Like ASRock Z87 Pro3 Motherboard. This board features the same Z87 chipset with LGA 1150 socket. It comes for Rs.11000. And if you go for a high end one you might have to pay more than Rs.15,000. After that you have expenses for the cpu, cpu case, ram, gpu, hard drive, etc.

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