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Thread: Radeon HD 5450 on ASRock 945GCM-S not recognized

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    Radeon HD 5450 on ASRock 945GCM-S not recognized

    I have a motherboard of ASRock 945GCM-S and just 2 days back I purchased and installed a Radeon HD 5450 card in it. When I booted the computer then this graphics card was not getting recognized because there was no input on the monitor. So, I removed the card and started the pc and checked that the onboard video is working fine without any issues. So, does anyone know how to disbale the onboard video and get HD 5450 to work with this Asrock motherboard? Thanks for any information in advance.

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    Re: Radeon HD 5450 on ASRock 945GCM-S not recognized

    Can you tell us which motherboard BIOS version are you using in your system? I think that you will need to install the latest BIOS for your motherboard in order to get the graphics card to work with your mobo. You can try to download the manual from this below link and then search for some information about the latest bios version required for the new graphics card:

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    Re: Radeon HD 5450 on ASRock 945GCM-S not recognized

    I think that you need to first disable the onboard graphics on your motherboard by going into the BIOS setting and then connect the external graphics card that you have. Just get into BIOS setting and then check for any Internal Graphics Mode and select it on "Auto". Also, attempt to change the Primary Graphics Adapter setting from "onboard" to "Pci Express" and see if that works.

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    Re: Radeon HD 5450 on ASRock 945GCM-S not recognized

    You will need to download the Wolfdale1333-D667 BIOS L1.53 version to get the Radeon HD 5450 to work with ASRock 945GCM-S board. Check the official website to download the same bios from here - Incase if it is not available then you will need to email asrock tech support asking for the same BIOS version. You will get all the information on how to install the bios along with it as well.

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