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Thread: Working Bios for Intel DZ68BC Board

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    Working Bios for Intel DZ68BC Board

    I have Intel DZ68BC Board in my computer which I had built three weeks ago. On the default settings, the computer works fine using this motherboard. But when I try to change any settings of the board from BIOS, the system crashes and the board stops working. There is no problem with the default settings, but in future I am planning to overclock my motherboard and other peripherals on it. For this purpose, I will need to change the settings and this will cause problems. I inquired about this problem and I found out that the BIOS that are provided by default were the cause of this problem. The current version of BIOS is 0035 BIOS. When will Intel release updated and stable version of BIOS for Intel DZ68BC Board. Can anybody provide me information or some alternative solution for my problem?

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    Re: Working Bios for Intel DZ68BC Board

    I know the problem and it exists from last few months. I don’t know why Intel hasn’t been released any update or stable version of BIOS that can be used to replace the faulty 0035 BIOS. I used to have the board with these BIOS and every time I started my computer, the system would crash in next twenty to thirty minutes. The only solution to this problem was to remove the CMOS battery and keep it detached for one minute and then again attach it. I called the Intel customer support centre and they said that this problem will persist for more time as they cannot directly replace any part or any software related to Intel DZ68BC Board. The reason for this was that these boards were produced in such manner that in rare cases a new part would properly with this motherboard.

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    Re: Working Bios for Intel DZ68BC Board

    I have found a turnaround way for overclocking Intel DZ68BC Board. You need to switch the memory profile to XMP-1600 to make the overclocking work properly. This setting will be found in the performance section of the 0035 BIOS. Set the overclocking assistance to manual as the automatic will again change the profile to default and create problems. Now in the performance section, you will find that in second section, there is an overclocking overrides option. It will give you many more set of options for overclocking procedure. There you will find the performance memory profile of which you need to change options. By default it will be set to Automatic which you have to change to XMP-1600. This has worked in my computer successfully and now I can overclock my motherboard. In some systems you might notice that there will be blue screens after overclocking using this method. This can be solved by keeping the option of TurboBoost off. This will increase the time taken for overclocking, but it is better than getting blue screens.

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    Re: Working Bios for Intel DZ68BC Board

    I contacted Intel for the reason of this problem and they said that the RAM that I was using was creating this issue. He said that if I use two RAMs of different frequencies, it would create such problems. Intel DZ68BC Board is noted as being compatible with RAMs of frequency of 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz. But it is recommended that you use RAMs with frequency of 1333 MHz. While overclocking, the RAM needs to consume a large amount of voltage. If you have RAMs with frequency of 1600 MHz or 1866 MHz, then it will consume more voltage than the BIOS can maintain flow of. So it is better that you use RAM with less frequency so that it doesn’t require much voltage. This will help you to control the voltage flow and also retain the life of motherboard.

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    Re: Working Bios for Intel DZ68BC Board

    I found that 0028 BIOS works fine in Intel DZ68BC Board without any crashes or without any problem. Also it will provide options for overclocking. I have installed 0028 BIOS in my computer’s Intel DZ68BC Board and I have already overclocked it. I know that this means that you will need to downgrade the BIOS of your motherboard. But at least it helps. We have to wait till Intel releases another stable version of BIOS for Intel DZ68BC Board. I hope Intel does it very soon or many people will be facing problems.

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