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Thread: Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

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    Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

    When I enable the Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX Turbo Core, the PSU squeal like a modem. I have tried with 2 different PSU and in both I have experienced the same thing. In that Newton R2 1000W "modular" C6 is completely silent when the turbo core is off. However if I enable it, the CPU starts dropping load every couple of minutes. It can be noticeable clearly in video games, in that mostly with driving games. When playing, it stops for a millisecond and then continues. If I turn of the turbo, the games run normal. The Turbo core is ON by default on this motherboard. It looks clearly like a BIOS problem. The way the motherboard handling power supply and distribution of power across to other components is programmed wrong within BIOS. Is there any way to fix this problem?
    My system configs are as follows:
    • Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
    • AMD 8150 x8 @ 3.6 GHz CPU
    • Kingston hyper x 3GB GDDR5 RAM
    • Asus HD 7950 DCII Top GPU
    • 3x sata diskar
    • 1 sata DVDRW
    • HAF 932 CASE Newton R2 1000W modular PSU

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    Re: Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

    From the past several weeks I have been hearing about some people are getting a high pitched whining from that PSU when playing games. This could be due to the frequency filtering is not up to scratch. If you open the Catalyst Vision Engine Control Center and click on either Performance tab or the Power tab you will seen an option CPU Power. Move the slider to right and it will stop the turbo lowering the CPU speed from the default speed in the BIOS. Otherwise you need to disable the turbo core and configure the system to OC as manual. You should have a multiplier in the AI Tweaker of your BIOS. You can easily set this and also the FSB. Make sure that you are going to d a good start. Next thing is about the RAM Frequency. Set it appropriate values as denoted in the manual. Also change the cpu voltage to manual.

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    Re: Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

    I think that the CPU that should be overclocked (with increased Vcore +) state as much appetite for energy development and the ventilation of the CPU power supply has a special attentions are paid. I'm not a semiconductor expert, but I think that's not correct. At least Intel says that the temperature does not kill the processor but the tension. I guess that's just because that will increasingly electro migration occurs and the delicate structures are then formally destroyed over time. Try clearing the CMOS first, if it didn’t solved you might try removing the processor, redo the clear CMOS, reinstall the processor and restart the system: it simulates well the installation of a new processor, so the bios should load the appropriate parameters. To properly clear the CMOS, remove battery, move jumper default position CLRTC from 1-2 to 2-3 position for ten seconds, then you must put the jumper to 1-2, replace the battery and switch. The overclock better, try it with the way "traditional" way in bios manually; forget the utility of the motherboard manufacturers.

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    Re: Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

    First of all set the CNQ in the BIOS to Auto. After that you need to go into the Windows power (saving) options and see how to balance the power consumption there. If you take the "balanced" mode, it should actually clocked on the workload. If it always fluctuating, then the CPU must be in a strain process. Look at resources to monitor and sort the processes by CPU load.

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    Re: Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

    As seen in the news for Turbo Core, this technology makes automatic overclocking half of microprocessor cores, provided that the condition you are running applications that intensively use more than half of the cores, providing a auto-overclock 500MHz (models ending in 5T) and 400MHz (models ending in 0T), Asus has taken this further with Turbo Unlocker technology, which in combination with Asus TurboV EVO software perform automatic overclock 500MHz applications using a single thread, extra 400MHz applications using 2 to 4 lines, and extra 200MHz all cores. Turbo Unlocker auto-overclocker not limited to half of the cores, providing a better balance of performance.

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    Re: Game lags, PSU squeals when Turbo Core enabled on Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX

    ASUS is preparing new BIOS for its motherboards to officially support AMD processors. As you know that the extra core is not always useful, since many applications do not even operate properly quad-core processors. Intel had already introduced a solution in these first Core i7 Turbo Boost. AMD should follow with Phenom II X6 offering the Turbo Core. The principle is similar; it increases the frequency of active cores when others are not. ASUS should propose its own version of the concept, with the Turbo Unlocker. Ultimately, it is simply an overclocking application-based operating system, and limited by the TDP. The idea is interesting; the important thing now is to make sure it is functional in specific cases and not just benchmarks.

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