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Thread: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

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    PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    Recently my system has started showing some kind of weird start up problem. Sometimes when I turn on the computer, it won’t post at all. It simply turns off on its own and again turns back on. Sometimes it boots properly but then simply stuck at when windows 7 loads the desktop. Very rarely, the system boot perfectly and runs fine. I still didn’t able to get it what the problem is. My system specs are as follows:
    • Asus Maximus IV Extreme (2001 bios)
    • Intel core-i7 2600k @ 4.6
    • 8GB Mushkin Redline Ridgeback DDR3 1600MHz
    • Corsair Gold 1200w
    • Nvidia EVGA 590
    • Asus Xonar Essence PCI-E

    When the Windows load, the system seems stable because I can run the Prime95 and OCCT large without any errors. Even I can play Battlefield 3 on ultra settings.

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    Did you try taking out the PSU and test with it. I think that your computer is suffering from the bad PSU otherwise the bad connections. Doublecheck the connection one by one. Because once I had the same problem. I made a wrong connection and due to this some components were not getting enough power. Also make sure that you are running everything first at stock settings

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    It seems to me that the problem is with the frequency of memory. You should check the compatible memory on Asus site. I have seen that the accepted DDR3 memory frequencies "4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 2200 (OC) / 1866 (OC) / 1600 / 1333 Hz Non-ECC, Un-buffered, etc ...”. Once you find the right memory slot, make sure that you have placed them in dual channel. Seems to me that there is order at the position of the memory modules. I think that if all 4 slots are not filled, you gotta put the bars on the most slots where you see red slots.

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    I assume that you have got GUI based BIOS with this motherboard. If so, then you can easily tweak into the setting to bring back the system at stable condition. You can raise or lower the values as you need in an easy manner there. On the Republic of gamers screen, go to the advanced mode where you can customize all kinds of settings without the need of any permission. Go through it and ensure that values are perfect.

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    I don’t think that the BIOS setting have something to do with this issue. Did you check all the components installed on your motherboard. Make sure that the thermal paste is not outside the processor. Also see all components up on port PCI Express and other port is well under way / push to get through. What about your coolers? If you oc your processor you should not use the Intel CPU cooler. You should always choose a cooler capable of holding your oc. that is to say to dissipate heat from the processor which increases with OC. Don’t forget the part of BIOS reset. It could be also helpful in some situations.

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    Lately, several people had the same kind of problem with CM ASUS on socket 1155. I do not know how they could solve it.

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    May be you should try to remove and replace the CPU. Otherwise try just by plugging the 24 pin motherboard to the CPU 8-pin. Next thing you need to remove the Graphics card on the PCIe slots, RAM, HDD and everything and see if it is booting only with CPU or not.

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    Re: PC using Asus Maximus IV Extreme does not boot

    As far as I know that this motherboard supports the following features like Crossfire / SLI support, an EZ Clear CMOS button and a handy debug LED. Other highlights include Q-Fan 2, LN2 mode and PCI Express x16 lane switch. For settings, you could try the following options like
    • RC TweakIt
    • RC Posters
    • RC Remote
    • RC-Diagram
    • RC-BIOS Flashback
    • MemOK
    • CPU Level Up
    • Load-Line Calibration

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