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Thread: to use two or more rams in single slot ddr2 ram memory

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    idea to use two or more rams in single slot ddr2 ram memory

    hye I am Anupam..
    I am using an intel 8 945 motherboard as you know that it has only one slot for ram as well as for extensible modem etc. bcs of its compact size.
    Now as i need to run a software that needs more amount of ram to run properly,I can't change my motherboard but am willing to use the two extra rams available 1gb each having 1gb already installed. Please suggest me how to use these with any sort of method.
    I also have a dual core processor to which I an thinking of using in a sort time please also suggest me a best mtbrd to assemble with so that it can have inbuilt amount of graphics to run heavy softs like "autocad 2012".please suggest me with suitable solutions available..

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    Re: to use two or more rams in single slot ddr2 ram memory

    What I know about Intel 8 945 motherboard is that it has two ram slots. There two black slots which are next to each other and you can easily. The best option I will tell you to buy a 2GB single ram stick and sell the old one. You can collect some deduction on that. For tools like Autocad you need better graphics memory. Intel 8 945 consist of intel gma950 graphic support is which is quiet enough for your purpose. I do not think you will need to go for any upgrade except a 2Gb DDR2 RAM.

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