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Thread: MSI 970A-G45 booting is very slow

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    MSI 970A-G45 booting is very slow

    My system is quiet slow when I am trying to boot it on new MSI 971A-G45. There are 4GB ram and two hard drives attached to it. I had upgraded so that I can get a bit faster system output. But the system takes long time to show the bios screen. Also windows is really slow. I am not able to figure out where the issue is. I hope this board is a good upgrade choice. I just need a decent pc for day to day usage.

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    Re: MSI 970A-G45 booting is very slow

    Looks like some kind of hardware problem. Do this remove one hard drive and one ram. The boot the system. If it is still slow then replace the ram with other one. There are chances that one of your ram is not proper. Second thing you must have adequate power supply for your system. If you have a low end one then it will work slow. There must be more than 300w of psu in that.

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    Re: MSI 970A-G45 booting is very slow

    The boot is slow due to the cpu. It is not fitted properly or it is just getting heated up. You have to take help from any expert technician that can find the problem here. There can be a psu issue also. What you can do is disconnect everything. Add only required hardware stuff which is enough to boot your pc. There can be improper cabling issue also. I hope you will be able to find the problem.

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