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Thread: Motherboard and Voltage instability

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    Motherboard and Voltage instability

    I have a pc with following configuration MSI 785GM-P45 motherboard, AMD athlon II x4 635 @2.9 GHz processor, 2x1 Gb Kingston DDR2 800mhz and a corsair 600w CX600 PSU. At this time my pc was working fine but after sometime I installed 2x1 Gb Kingston DDR2 667mhz after installing this RAM it starts properly and after working for sometime it automatically Restarts. It happens again and again. Please help me regarding this, Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Motherboard and Voltage instability

    As you discussed your configuration, that it was working fine with your previous configuration your problem started after installing the DDR2 2GB ram of 667MHz so you can try unplugging the second ram which you installed afterwards. It may work properly after removing the second ram, if u want to install ram then install ram of 2Gb DDR2 but 800mhz.your problem was coming due its speed differ with the other one i.e. 667mhz it creates conflict between the two ram.

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    Re: Motherboard and Voltage instability

    Memory controller is inside the cpu so memory compatibility has direct relation to the voltage because one memory consumes less volt and other one uses more volts as compared to other one, and if your pc is restarting then it can be a problem of stock speeds it may create conflict between two memory ,as you installed 2gb DDR2 667mhz afterwards might be creating conflict. So u can remove one ram of low MHz i.e. 667mhz it might solve your problem

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    Re: Motherboard and Voltage instability

    If you have any conflict regarding ur P.c restarting then first try in the Bios setting, in Bios there is a option for safe startup. After trying the Bios setting if your problem exist then do not make any other changes in your Bios to solve your existing problem otherwise you will create more problems for yourself. Kindly contact your nearest service center. They may help you in solving your problem.

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