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Thread: Getting error invalid bios image after bios update

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    Getting error invalid bios image after bios update

    I am having gigabyte motherboard and I am using it from few months. In order to keep my system update I tried to update my BIOS so that my motherboard remains updated. I tried to download the update BIOS software from Gigabyte website and then was performing the update. But it gave me the error saying that invalid BIOS image. I have downloaded it properly even though it is giving such error so what shall I do in order to get rid of this error.

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    Re: Getting error invalid bios image after bios update

    I have heard that when you update your BIOS then you need to update it sequentially. I mean that you cannot update your BIOS directly to a newer version. Suppose the update of BIOS from Gigabyte website is available and you have downloaded it but in between there are more updates available and you have not updated your BIOS to that updates then your update process won’t be succeeded because you haven’t done the in between updates.

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    Re: Getting error invalid bios image after bios update

    Once you download the update of BIOS then you have to use flashspi.exe, you will find this as it comes with your BIOS. After this you have to flash it with @BIOS. For this process you will have to make a bootable device which can be booted at the start process. You can use USB drive as it is a bootable medium and you can use Qflash. If you go with it then you have to disable Keep DMI data and you also have to load optimized defaults from BIOS setup.

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    Re: Getting error invalid bios image after bios update

    I guess the update process is showing you this error because might be there is some problem with the BIOS settings. So enter your BIOS setup and then select Load Fail safe defaults as well as Load optimized defaults and after this save the settings. Then you will also have to clear your CMOS by removing the battery from the motherboard or else try pressing the reset button near the CMOS battery. I guess it should remove the problem.

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    Re: Getting error invalid bios image after bios update

    In your case the current update of BIOS from gigabyte website is F7 and if you are having your BIOS update of F3 and you download the update of the latest BIOS version from gigabyte site. So in order to update your BIOS you need to update your BIOS to F4 then to its next available version. You have to continue with this process until you reach the one less version than the latest version available. Thus after having it the Invalid BIOS image error would be removed and your BIOS would get updated

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