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Thread: Rampage III Black Edition with Supreme X-Fi 2

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    Rampage III Black Edition with Supreme X-Fi 2

    The rampage 2 i owned had damaged. i have just bought the new Rampage III Black Edition which comes with supreme fx II onboard and thunderbolt audio card. I’ am going to use all 7.1 audio channels on the creative GigaWorks S750 my question is? Which one of these two cards are the best of these cards for 7.1 channels output that i own. the onboard supreme fx II or thunderbolt ( i think i think it uses only two channels when i use my headsets) or my Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty that i think i could buy and add to my rig.

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    Re: Rampage III Black Edition with Supreme X-Fi 2

    Rampage III Black Edition is a great mainboard with its awesome features built into the board also the ROG ThunderBolt is a separate dedicated LAN/audio both in one card designed specially for all the game freaks out there. With the ROG ThunderBolt's reputed high audio with efficiency and quality it also has a built-in amplifier for use of headsets, the gamer can hear and come to know the enemy's distinct position very precise and be able to react in a heartbeat, creating just another weapon for the gamers arsenal! With pinpoint clear background sound effects for popular games.

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    Re: Rampage III Black Edition with Supreme X-Fi 2

    it also has Supreme X-Fi 2 Built-in play with super-real cinematic in-game digital Dolby sound! Supreme X-Fi 2 gives superior audio experiences to ROG die hards. It also features EAX 5.0 with OpenAL for super-real Runtime game play experience. It also has an unbelievable THX TruStudio Pro, which makes games, music and movies sound way an out of the world experience! Supreme X-Fi 2 also uses gold-plated jacks and super awesome quality capacitors to ensure real experience in audio.

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    Re: Rampage III Black Edition with Supreme X-Fi 2

    The rear of the board features 2-Channel High Quality Built-in with DAC/ADC the Output Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-Weighted)is about as mentioned on the box 116 dB it also has a audio processor of C-Media 6631 also an onboard high fidelity headphone amplifier TI 6120A2. It also features Fine-tuned Game Genre EQ Profiles, Line out, Line in, Optical S/PDIF out ports a Front-panel audio connector (AAFP) and USB 2.0 Interface. it really puts your gaming audio on the next level.

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