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Thread: Moving motherboard - RAID not working properly

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    Moving motherboard - RAID not working properly

    Long MSI motherboard user, first time poster. I've been happy with a K9NGM3-FIH long time, but recently it has begun BSODding no apparent reason. The reason became clear yesterday when I saw it, the USB chip is fried and caused it. So I have to replace this forum and I've heard nothing but good things about the 890FXA-G70. The only problem is I'm in a RAID 0 on the old motherboard and uses a nForce chipset while the new motherboard (actually all offers MSI?) Uses an ATI chipset. What to do? The system is a backup on the file level, but obviously not regular ghost. At this moment, the K9NGM3 not stay long enough to do a full ghost (I think have not yet tried). By sheer coincidence I think not just replace the motherboard in the machine give me a work boot?

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    Re: Moving motherboard - RAID not working properly

    I have not looked at the old motherboard closely to see if there are burn marks around the USB connector, but I have just come out and that new MSI motherboard anyway. I've wanted for a long time that could open the fourth core in Phenom, this was just the push I needed, but at least I can ghost of the raid as it is and setting up a new Windows-based that this time as you say then I will win it all. He suggested that the GParted LiveCD could help here and I have about 750 GB of "spare" hard drive that can be used to perform backups. What do you think?

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    Re: Moving motherboard - RAID not working properly

    For the hard drive "manufacturer lie" seems to be also the case of computer runs, as recorded kilo, mega, giga-prefixes to denote binary values because they were "close enough" and not because they were right. Not alter the fact that I have to explain to my students why the label on the hard disk capacity on laptops, 250 and yet Windows says only 219.

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    Re: Moving motherboard - RAID not working properly

    But are computer scientists are doing lies in the sense that it has been appropriated by the prefixes, since these were numbers that could never be a factor of a thousand. In my replacement motherboard that I have left and returned when just booting from the RAID. This means you cannot move to the new motherboard though, since I cannot lose all my installed programs, etc (yes I have a backup, but not exactly the same thing right?).

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    Re: Moving motherboard - RAID not working properly

    I'll have to bear the BSODs at the moment, but the memory of the diagnostic checks FPrime95 Windows and it worked fine and found no errors. There has been a repeat of the BSOD citing the USB driver as the complexity but it is so hard to catch them when they happen and have time to read the message before it restarts. I'll be back for advice on this new board when set and rebuild the RAID (though to be honest is so fragile that I could keep an agreement now JBOD).

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