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Thread: What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

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    What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

    Well I have got everything for my intel core i7 2600k and still I am not sure what exact memory will I need for the whole setup. So for that I have come here and I know this is the best place to ask such type of questions. I am quite sure that you will be able to solve my issues. So do provide me some suggestions on which type of ram would better suite my system and if possible do specify the price also. So I can decide on my budget accordingly. So anyone who can help me here then do reply me back.

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    Re: What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

    It depends on which type of memory sticks would you like to go whether you would like to go with the 4*4 Gb sticks that are available these days that are quietly becoming popular nowadays or you want to go with the 2*4GB memory stick. It depends on the memory stick combination that you would like to go. One more advice that I would like to give you here is that good manufacturers for the RAM are the G.Skill, I think they are the very good manufacturers and hence they will deliver the performance accordingly.

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    Re: What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

    My recommendation would be to go with the gigabyte. I think they are the best manufacturers of the memory stick. They also have a memory compatibility of all the P67 motherboards and hence I think that will be suitable for you. The memory with the 1.5V is enough for you. May be you should not try and opt for the 1.65V that will certainly be a bad option according to me. So as of now look out for any memory sticks and select the combination of ram that you like. So do it accordingly and get back to me what combination have you tried.

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    Re: What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

    I would recommend you to go and get the CORSAIR Vengeance 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600. Any ram which is less than or equal to the 1600MHz would be an ideal option for any of the sandy bridge processors. So that is what I have to say here. Do select the following combination that I have given you here and I am quite sure that you will like this particular combination. Well I did some research in the internet and I thought that this would be the perfect combination for you. So do try opting for this only.

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    Re: What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

    I will be giving you some suggestions regarding the selection of the ram. Here are the two options that I am giving you one is the 2x4GB G.Skill DDR3-1333 @ 1.5V. Talking about the price it is available at around $83. The other one that I would like you to know is the 2x4GB Mushkin DDR3-1600 @ 1.65V which is available at the price range of $110. So that is what the combination that I am talking about here. The second option is the 1.65V type and many of them I have heard that 1.65V would be a tough option to act. It is not that true it is totally compatible and I am quite sure that it will work out for you.

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    Re: What memory will be required to build the core i7-2600K?

    I have a point to make here and the point is that I think there is no use getting a RAM that runs high bandwidth anymore. The reason I am saying this because I think the bclk overclocking is almost dead for the snow bridge processors and hence what is the sue? Instead we must better opt for the ram in which we can lower the timings on and also keep the same speed. So that’s the point I am trying to make here. I know many of them will disagree with my point but still I think that is correct.

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