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Thread: AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

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    AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

    AMD offers a press release on top of the forthcoming Catalyst Hot-Fix 11.1a Drivers. As from the saying of AMD straightforwardly, the new drivers have been openly obtainable from January 26th. The newest Catalyst Hot-Fix; (11.1a) presents augmented performance carries a swing of innovative features and must be the driver used for whichever presentation testing. Does anybody have tested these drivers? If anyone has got these drivers then send some feedback to us.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

    For both AMD and Nvidia drivers for released almost monthly new drivers. Usually does not change much from the software and it will be removed only known bugs and maybe in one or two games increased performance. Otherwise it is the newly released Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix is the case, according to AMD, which will make much good otherwise. Reason enough for us to Catalyst 11.1a hot fix and in the same breath also equal to the WHQL Catalyst version 11.1 on a Radeon HD 6870 Radeon HD 6970 and an even closer look.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

    There is a hotfix for the Radeon 6800 and 6900 cards from ATI / AMD. The improvements from these drivers are as follows:
    • 3DMark Vantage improves up to 7%
    • 3DMark06 improves nearly3%
    • Black Ops Call of Duty improves 20% by the side of 4xMSAA and equal to 35% on 8xMSAA
    • Riddick Assault on top of Dark Athena SSAO performance gets better to20%
    • Heaven Unigine OpenGL presentation improves 10% at sensible, 30% at standard and 100% at tremendous heights tessellation

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

    AMD has the hotfix drivers without WHQL certification AMD Catalyst hotfix released 11.1a. In the first version of the hotfix driver, which the press was first made available to the driver team of AMD had a short-term tessellation bug in the OpenGL part of the driver found. In the version now available for download, the error could not be found. This discovery has also led then to the shift, after the publication of the hotfix originally planned for last week. The fix of the bugs should be Tessellation benchmark TessMark make a positive impact on.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

    AMD Catalyst Driver Hotfix 11.1a, specific video card series Radeon HD 6900 and Radeon HD 6800. Implement new controls for the tessellation in the Catalyst Control Center enhancements as well as new techniques related to anisotropic filtering of textures. The following notes provided with
    • Performance developments intended for AMD Radeon HD 6900 and AMD Radeon HD 6800 series video cards
    • AMD Catalyst Control Center - innovative controls Tessellation
    • AMD Catalyst AI updates Texture Filtering

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hot-Fix Driver has released

    AMD will release two different driver versions. On the one would be the Catalyst hotfix 11.1a and the other of Catalyst 11.1 with the WHQL certificate. Upon request, AMD told us that are closer together until the Calalyst 11.2 the feature list of both driver versions. But what are the differences between the Catalyst and the Catalyst hotfix 11.1a 11.1 with WHQL certification? When Catalyst 11.1 with WHQL certification is a simple development of the previously known Catalyst 11er generation. Only the Catalyst 11.1a hotfix will include the tessellation switch and also some changes to the AF filter, which we now want to go again.

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