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Thread: Blue screen after updating BIOS of my Gigabyte board

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    Blue screen after updating BIOS of my Gigabyte board

    I newly updated my BIOS from F2 to currently F9. Later than this, the “AMD Data Change...Update novel Data to DMI” message appears. I performed the update likewise, that is: F2- F4- F7- F9. I utilized Q-flash from a Fat 32 Memory stick. The cause for the update is that I wish to setup the Phenom II X 6 1090T Processor in the Motherboard. In addition to this, I experience BSOD and that the rig goes into "Start-Repair" leading boot. The extended time the rig has been blocked down, the worse the boot. Later than the update, I did a whole reinstall of Windows 7 64 bit on my rig, still this occurs. My Motherboard is: GA-MA770-UD3P rev 1.0. Anyone have any suggestions or any information regarding this?

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    Re: Blue screen after updating BIOS of my Gigabyte board

    I expect what occurred was that you deserted to disable the Keep DMI Data on the QFlash homepage while you performed the BIOS update. So you will require reflashing the most recent version and making certain that you choose the disable alternative this time. It is probable that you as well have a few other troubles but deal with one thing at a time.

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    Re: Blue screen after updating BIOS of my Gigabyte board

    I did reflash the recent past and immobilized “KEEP DMI DATA”. The message still emerges for the period of boot, however sometimes just “AMD DATA CHANGE” comes up, other times the complete message comes up. I did some reboots later than reflash and the unhappy state with BSOD and "begin Repair" was not there. On the other hand, this appears mostly to occur while starting from a "cold" computer, the whole thing I did the recent past later than reflash was from a "warm" computer. I will have to provide this a pair of days, so I have had the chance to make a pair of "cold" starts.

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    Re: Blue screen after updating BIOS of my Gigabyte board

    The AMD Data Change: Update novel Data to DMI is an irritation but is not a trouble. This occurs at each BOOT but is usually unseen by the BIOS so you don't observe it. As you are having these problems and you have well-run BIOS I would recommend that you correctly clear CMOS. No clearing CMOS won't make your BIOS relapse to the unique version so don't worry regarding that. But it will clear any alters you have prepared to the BIOS and return the motherboard to its essential state. One time you have cleared CMOS you require to go back into BIOS and load Optimized Defaults and after that Reboot the PC. I would recommend leaving the whole thing at its default setting in BIOS until I can found what accurately is causing your troubles.

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