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Thread: ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

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    ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

    I would like to appreciate all the members for providing the information about the Asus Rampage Extreme III. My friend has told me that there are more features of the motherboard like ROG Extreme OC Kit and USB Flash BIOS Back. I am not aware about any other features. I am here to know more about the features including the mentioned one. I am expecting that you members will provide an information with details (as usual ). Also tell me your opinions about this motherboard. I am sure that some of you would have used this board.

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    Re: ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

    The ROG Extreme OC kit consists of several components and features:
    • LN2 Fashion
      The "cold boot bug" (short CBB) from certain negative temperatures prevents the boot. The Rampage Extreme III with a jumper on board, which activates the LN2-mode and move to the CBB to lower temperatures. What exactly causes the option and whether it brings tangible benefits, is not yet known.
    • Q reset
      Q will also reset Extreme overclockers to get the best. Do I have to reset the BIOS once, it is required the system to shut down most. Here you can quickly run the risk boot bug to succumb to the cold. Q reset skillfully navigated this danger and make the system resets the bios and a "soft reboot" functions. There are the small Q-reset button on the upper left edge of the board.
    • EZPlug
      The Rampage Extreme III provides for the power supply features: Two 8-pin ATX 12V connectors of the CPU is already known from EVGA Classified. New, however, two additional 4-pin Molex connectors that support with fully equipped with up to four graphics cards, the power supply and relieve the 24-pin motherboard connector. In the picture the way is only one of the Molex connectors with adjacent NEC chip for USB 3.0.
    • PCIe x16 lane switches
      A feature that was only for extreme overclockers, or tester. About four DIP switches, the four PCIe x16 slots can play off easily and individually. Practical of a multi-GPU setups. This can quickly switch between one and several cards without removing the need and lose much time. The picture shows also the known start and restart buttons and the Probe. It feature for reading the actual voltages with a multimeter.
    • BIOS Flashback
      This meant the two Bios blocks are the mainboard, via a button down quickly between what can be and Bios blocks. A yellow LED is always the currently active Bios blocks. Thus, the user can maintain two different bios versions (such as a beta bios for testing and an official release for normal operation) or a BIOS for extreme OC and the other for the daily operation ready. Moreover, the Bios blocks let another copy, if a BIOS is damaged.

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    Re: ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

    I would like to discuss about the Connect ROG. The included USB cable into the port plug, Rog Connect button and you connect a second PC. On this, the TweakIt software suite to run and even in real-time control and monitoring (Telemetry) of the Rampage Extreme III possible. Quick find joy in the software, and finally leave here during a benchmark change all settings on the fly or control of Voltage-Temperature profile. We want to let pictures speak, and briefly explain what the different window. The feature worked perfectly in the test without error and allowed a simple and very detailed monitoring and control of the Boards.
    • RC TweakIt: options for voltages, clock speeds and hardware monitor.
    • RC poster: Are status messages into the boot process either as a hex code (statements in the manual) or as text.
    • RC Remote: Allows you to boot or restart of the board. Similarly the Bios reset.
    • RC Diagram: Provides the history of tension / temperature or the current in diagram form. Unfortunately, only three variables are simultaneously monitored.
    • RC Bios Flash Back: Allows easy change the active bios and bios on the second computer connected.

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    Re: ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

    Bluetooth RC is also an important feature of Asus Rampage Extreme III. Through a small additional plug-in card, the Rampage Extreme III is bluetooth capable. The gag here is the controllability of the iRog processor and thus a real-time access to the motherboard similar to that of ROG Connect. Thus the board can wirelessly monitor and live overclock. Certainly a very innovative feature, but the hurt by the fact that very few devices support (only seven in number) the necessary RC TweakIt software. We ask ourselves: Where is the best iPhone app? After all, the adapter can be used as a normal Bluetooth interface, for example, to synchronize data with a mobile phone.

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    Re: ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

    Another innovative feature is the way the bios on a USB stick to update. If nothing new were it not for the fact that the Rampage Extreme III to the farm or must be fitted with components to be fully yet to. It reaches 24-pin power supply connector to connect a power supply and turn on the. This is followed by renaming the bios file in R3E.ROM, placing the file on a USB stick and then FAT16/32 by holding the ROG-Connect button for three seconds, the actual flash process. The whole thing worked without problems in testing and a bios update is so easy for everyone absolutely feasible.

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    Re: ROG Extreme OC Kit on Asus Rampage Extreme III

    High expectations accompanied the test and the Rampage Extreme III made it basically in all categories to convince and afforded no blunders. Asus even while it creates the perfect balancing act to lay down and speaks to enthusiasts alike as the extreme overclockers, because the board has, together with super features and a variety of useful features, making it ideal for use with dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The performance and above all the overclocking of the reference clock at their part to take this perfect picture and make the Rampage Extreme III for what is probably the best base-1366-motherboard on the market. The current price of around 320 euro is due to the great features and many features from high-end, unfortunately, typical high. But who wants to invest in a high-end board, and also equip them with the best components is discussed in all respects with the Rampage Extreme III very well.

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