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Thread: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

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    Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    I am looking forward to purchase a new computer , as i was just searching for the best i got my eye caught on a system with one having a quad core processor and the other AMD Quad Core phenom processor. I am confused a little bit i do not know which one to buy can anyone tell me which of the two processor will help me to get the most out of it. I mean to say which is the best processor in terms of performance. Please suggest me a solution to get the best Motherboard.

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    Re: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    AMD continues to decline its architecture, and here three new processors which should soon land on the market! For the less powerful of these is the Phenom X4 910th who watch, but not the power that counts, it is especially the lower consumption of the Quad-Core which is important. With a TDP reduced which is set at only 65 watts, for a configuration Quad-Core low power is ideal. The Phenom X4 910th is clocked at 2.6 GHz, and he embarks 4 x 512 KB L2 cache and 6MB of L3. It should replace the 905th and take the same rate.

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    Re: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    The AMD Phenom quad core is P940 is clocked at 1.7 GHz and is designed for notebooks. The P940 quad core should not be confused with the Phenom X4 940 which is part of a desktop processor clocked at 3 GHz much higher. Unfortunately, if you find the Athlon P940 II, the result of research generates results even more toward the desktop 940 of the P940 notebook part. This adds to the confusion of readers. Can not be a bad idea to read over the desktop, which is actually a Phenom or BE 940 Black Edition, and the Phenom processor P940 notebook.

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    Re: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    The Phenom bumps P940 to P920 processor frequency, part of 1.6 GHz to 100 MHz or 6.25%. Therefore, you can expect a performance improvement of around 5% in P940 Phenom compared to P920. The P940 Phenom has 512 KB of L2 cache per processor to obtain a total of 2048 KB of L2 cache. Made using 45-nm Phenom II P940 index has a TDP of just 25 watts, which is pretty impressive, considering it is a quad-core processor.

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    Re: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    The Phenom P940 has integrated DDR3 memory controller (DDR-1066). The integrated memory controller reduces latency and improves overall processor performance. Communication with the chipset is using differential data, high-speed HyperTransport bus at 3600 MT/s. The Phenom S1g4 P940 fits, a variation of the socket S1. It supports a number of advanced multimedia instruction sets, including MMX, SSE and 3DNow (1,2,3,4 A). Support for hardware virtualization ensures that you can easily switch between two operating systems.

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    Re: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    The new versions of the AMD Athlon II produced in the process of 45nm/revisão C3 are coming to market. The C3 is a review of the evolution of AMD 45nm SOI process, making the chip manufactured in this process has a lower heat dissipation and consumes less power compared to the same chip made in the previous revision. In addition, AMD recorded in the revision C3 C1E come with the implementation of hardware, which allows switching between states often faster, improving the CPU performance in these situations.

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