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Thread: Disk boot failure in Gigabyte GA-X X58A-UD3R rev 2 + SSD + RAID 1

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    Disk boot failure in Gigabyte GA-X X58A-UD3R rev 2 + SSD + RAID 1

    While I am "convinced" this is a bad motherboard problem, I am interested if others are perceiving problems with this motherboard:
    1. suddenly blue screen comes while using some applications.
    2. Frequently system hangs as well as then shut downs **
    3. Disk Boot breakdown {unsuccessful to identify primary safe state drive (OS drive), 15 minute cool down solves problem}
    4. RAID 1 "stumble" says that {installed most recent edition of Intel 64-bit RAID software}
    I am "supposing" that there was a awful batch of GA-X58A-UD3R rev 2 motherboard . The troubles happen "typically" as 1. Conscious from slumber and 2. Weighty use of the RAID 1 data.
    Other "strangeness" includes no post if XMP is performing as well as overclocking to 3.52GHz + optimized DDR lights up the MOBO like a Xmas Tree and Prime 95 grounds system to burn around 5 minutes. The DDR3 is motherboard Certified DDR3.

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    Re: Disk boot failure in Gigabyte GA-X X58A-UD3R rev 2 + SSD + RAID 1

    The RAID drives which I m currently using are Hitachi (1TB/7200/16MB), though not my like ones they are well matched to RAID. presently, they structure are all arranged as "Optimized" and are not over clocking . XMP - yeah I agree but I even had the similar "Xmas Tree" lights by hand setting the timings as well as the speed (over clocking I preferred 160 X 10as well as the standard Std 133 X 12); presently they are way compress-clocked at 133 x 8 ("Optimize" ).
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    Re: Disk boot failure in Gigabyte GA-X X58A-UD3R rev 2 + SSD + RAID 1

    XMP is presently difficult; it doesn't forever containing yet a almost optimized limit set, and 'locks out' all additional adjustments, which causes much to the damage of the system. 'Sleep' is also frequently a difficulty, mostly with machines that have something but 'stock' limit sets - can only be undertake on a 'specific scheme basis, on one occasion the whole thing as well is steady... If you'd akin to, I can give you a method, and a parameter place for the residue, and then give details how to duplicate them, assuming you're happy with the first. Also require to be familiar with what drives contain in RAID1 - some drives, owing to 'deep revival cycling', are presently not appropriate for RAIDing - I stick amid WD RE3s & RE4s, presently for their outstanding support & RMA strategy (but they're costly), others are known to work. Caviar Blacks will not... SSD brand might be helpful, too - these often necessitate firmware updates, as the skill (particularly for the controllers) is increasing yet.

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    Re: Disk boot failure in Gigabyte GA-X X58A-UD3R rev 2 + SSD + RAID 1

    While I concur on the subject of the WD hard drive, my supplementary alternative was to prefer SATA3 HDD (1TB/6400/64). I "for myself" don't akin to contain SATA2 SSD + SATA3 RAID; I assumed extra problems crossing hard drive controller types. Since the genuine weight is on the Servers in my workplace. keep in mind COST X 10 are likely to be the Big Bucks! Example: devoted RAID controller + costly Hard disk. For systems I l place up, it's an complete unlike world, and I receive NO success in making 10 Xeroxhalf -boring systems.

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