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Thread: Dell inspiron 5100 ram specifications two slots 512*2

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    Dell inspiron 5100 ram specifications two slots 512*2

    I have a dell inspiron 5100. Its been quite a while since i upgraded my ram. So finally i am deciding to replacing the existing ram i.e. 256*2. I want to replace it by 512*2 RAM. I don't play games as much so that's why i am upgrading only till 512 MB and not more than that. So kindly tell me the necessary specifications that will help me in upgrading the RAM. Please do let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: Dell inspiron 5100 ram specifications two slots 512*2

    I would advice you to browse the net and get the necessary specific information. There are various website's like Website's like these helps you select the product from the various manufacturer's. You can select it and it will also give information about the products price. It has a got a particular 3 step process which helps you find the best compatible product for your processor and the motherboard. You can also place the order in the website only with the facility of the online payment you can buy the particular product online. So go ahead with this website it will definitely help you.

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    Re: Dell inspiron 5100 ram specifications two slots 512*2

    I think so the up gradation part should be done with the great precision a little mistake with the configuration and your system will not respond. So before purchasing the two ram for the two slots always purchase the two ram of the similar size and also purchase it from the certified dealer. Probably the Kingston is the best name in this market. Now talking about the Kingston, it offers you a 512MB Kingston ram with a memory speed of 800 MHz with the ddr2 technology priced at around 900 rupees. I would term it as the best buy product in the 512 MB range.

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    Re: Dell inspiron 5100 ram specifications two slots 512*2

    I would suggest you to go with the transcend. Though a bit expensive than the Kingston but surely a market leader in the term of memory products. Transcend provides you a 512mb ram with ddr2 technology and 533 MHz memory speed. Priced at a range of 1K it will surely not disappoint you. Upon that i t comes with the guarantee of transcend that offers you a lifelong service with out any cost. So according to me transcend would be a better option than Kingston.

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