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Thread: AM2 Processor in AM2+ Motherboard

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    AM2 Processor in AM2+ Motherboard

    Hey guys! Welcome the newest mobo around here.I am thinking at putting together a new machine in the near future, as well as I was wondering if there is some benefit, or else yet drawback, on the way to putting an AM2 processor into a motherboard intended for to make use of by means of an AM2+ processor. Particularly, I am allowing for slotting an Athlon 64 X2 6000+, as well as almost certainly an ATI HD 3850, into an AM2+ motherboard by means of an AMD 7 series chipset. The reason behind it being that I do ntt have to a great extent interest/require in purchase a Phenom processor now, however I am thinking in view of the fact that the AM2+ mobo's are backwards compatible by means of the older AM2 CPU's, I may observe some performance gain by going by means of the latest possible motherboard.I had like to hear what several of you imagine regarding this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: AM2 Processor in AM2+ Motherboard

    There is no actual performance increase in using a Socket AM2+ by means of a Socket AM2 chip, however there is no failure moreover. I have an Athlon 64 x2 4000+ within an Asus M3A, as well as it functiuons completely overclocked on the way to 3.0ghz, as well as that is with no bothering to cheat by means of the voltages all along through my Radeon HD 3850.

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    Re: AM2 Processor in AM2+ Motherboard

    As per my knowledge it depends on your motherboard. If it just supports DDR3, no you cannot make use of that CPU. However if the board supports DDR2, yes. Other than which model precisely are you talking with reference to? That's an AM2 processor. Each and every one 880G motherboards support AM3 processors as well as DDR3 RAM just. As a result there is no probable means that processor is going to run by means of a 880G motherboard.

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    Re: AM2 Processor in AM2+ Motherboard

    Thank you for your suggestion.One more thing I would like to know is that I am puzzled regarding the front side bus speed, at what time planned as part of the motherboard specs. I observe a number of of the higher priced AM2+ mobos list the front side bus speed at the same time as 2600MHz, whereas the lesser priced boards usually clock in at 1000MHz. Is the front side bus yet a element of the motherboard, or else is it element of the processor, where at what time I am analysis the motherboard specifications, I am just seeing at supported speeds? I am thinking that the later was correct, however if thus, how be able to the AM2+ boards by means of 2600MHz supported fsb, be backwards compatible by means of the older AM2 chips clocking in at a slower fsb speed.I am fairly puzzled on this exacting subject stuff, as well as I am quite sure the whole thing I believe I know about front side bus speeds is completely wrong. In detail, at the same time as I am writing this I'm not yet certain I know what a front side bus is. Can somebody assist clear this up for me!

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