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Thread: Unable to install i5 Turbo Boost on Windows 7

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    Unable to install i5 Turbo Boost on Windows 7

    Friends, I am using the i5 760 LGA1156 processor. And everyone knows that it should use the turbo Boost technology. My problem is that when I try to install the driver for Turbo boost then it shows me the message that the processor do not have such things. I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit installed on my computer. Please tell me what can be the possible reason for this problem. Please post your answer as early as possible. Thank you very much to all of ;you for replying in advance.

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    Reinstall the Turbo Boost driver.

    I think that there may be some problem with the installation of the driver. It may be corrupted and that is why you are not able to install that on your computer. My suggestion to you is that you have to download a fresh copy from internet and install that again. If the existing copy has any bug or any error then installing from a fresh download may resolve the issue for you. Just give it a try and see whether it let this out or not? Good Luck!!!

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    Re: Unable to install i5 Turbo Boost on Windows 7

    You need to check your BIOS settings option for your system. There are some motherboards which do not support the Turbo Boost and if that is the problem in your case then you will not be able to install that on your computer. If your motherboard supports the Turbo Boost then you should make sure that it is set to enable. Just check for these before you try do anything else with your computer.

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    Try latest version of PCwizard.

    I think that you have to try the latest version of PCwizard. This will help you to monitor the CPU clock. PC Wizard is one of the most superior system information programs which are available in the market. This is designed so that it can able to detect the hardware and do some more analysis. This tool is getting updated after some period of time that makes the turbo boost active. If you see yellow in the bar graph then this means that turbo boost is active. I hope that this software help you to solve the problem for you in any manner. Thanks.

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    Re: Unable to install i5 Turbo Boost on Windows 7

    If you don’t know the exact method to install the TurboBoost then you can read the steps below and go according to that and it will solve the problem for you. Here are the steps:
    1. First of all copy the TurboBoostSetup.exe file to your system.
    2. Double click on the file that you have copied and then you have to accept the UAC prompt if it appears.
    3. Follow the installer prompt instructions to complete installation.
    4. If you are installing it on Windows Vista then double click the 'Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor' gadget which is there in gadget gallery. This will pops up for the gadget to the Windows Sidebar. This work will be done automatically if you are using Windows 7.

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