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Thread: System cannot recognize HDD and CD Rom together

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    System cannot recognize HDD and CD Rom together

    i have a friends computer ----it will not find both hhd and cdrom at same time.want to reformat computer however only 1 connector ide i guess works -the other finds nothing.if i connect hhd it finds it--if i disconect hhd and connect cdrom and restart it then finds cdrom if i connect both on same cable it only sees 1 of them help please oh yea the system was not booting all the way when he brought it--it said no operating system found

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    Re: System cannot recognize HDD and CD Rom together

    After plugging a secondary disk to your Windows computer, the primary disk does not appear in the BIOS ( Basic Input / Output System ) or My Computer. This problem may occur even if you do not hit the main disk when you connect the secondary drive . As a remedy, you can try to detach the secondary drive . This method works in some situations and may solve the problem. Persists , connect your main drive to another computer healthy , that same version of Microsoft Windows. Here you can find this drive is not visible in my computer but it shows in Disk Management . The reader may show that the RAW file system and disk space as unallocated whole . In such cases, you should use CHKDSK to fix any damage to the hard drive.

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