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Thread: DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

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    DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

    Acolleague of mine has just set up a new PC. the configure is :
    inetel DP35DP motherboard
    2 * 1GB DDR2
    has the install all goes well , but when it installed the chipset drivers , USB ports do not work , I tested in the bios , the keyboard works. when Windows starts turns off the mouse and keyboard fails to respond more, after formatting , but we installed the chipset drivers again ( such as CD and asked to install drivers before putting the sound and network) . Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

    It is rare to see Intel motherboards signed test . This is not the quality that is at issue but strict adherence to standard. We must understand by this that very often they have a layout with a BIOS austere refined allowing no special optimization. It is to operate the best way possible according to the manufacturers recommendations. In this category the operator DP35DP Intel P35 chipset provides a fully functional clean design in a very attractive price .

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    Re: DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

    If you flash your BIOS, so forget all AC should not cause worry. I advise you to go slowly on overclocking and verify that your PC is stable at each level. From the moment it is more stable, it must go back and go no further. To check stability, nothing like a little 3DMark or something like that. At least the USB works (mouse, keyboard ), the graphics card too which allowed me to flash my bios from a USB key with a bios at the root (although I have not seen anything of this process) and then my pc directly Started on windows as if nothing was.

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    Re: DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

    Installed the OS first, then move the disks in RAID storage was a good idea, but in the bios , do not let on " enabled " line " first boot RAID " or approaching .In any case, a configuration in the bios to do. Finally , I am not sure you have the need to load RAID drivers during install if it is one unit on non-RAID , you should try it without the RAID drivers , and install the utility software for Windows.

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    Re: DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

    Please follow the steps below :
    # Restart the system and enter BIOS pressing F2 in the BIOS front page
    # Within the BIOS , select tab " Advanced " After selecting the " set drive "
    # Scroll down to configure SATA as option and press enter Select IDE to change the setting AHCI press F10 to exit the registration changes , and " Y "to confirm changes Your operating system Windows should now installed on your system office.
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    Re: DP35DP: memory issue; DVD issue; Lan issue.

    There are two essential tests to be performed:
    * Test counting . Remove all components from the motherboard except for memory and processor . Start the machine. If the test is successful , the speaker of the motherboard emits three beeps.
    * Test replacement . Replace the component ( CPU fan ) with a component that you know works. Redeem a single component at a time . Check the original part of a system that works

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