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Thread: How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives?

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    How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives?

    As i know that there are various method by which e can flash the BIOS and i have done with the Floppy but now days the floppy are gone and new technology is completely dependent on the Flash Drive so i am also looking for the way to Flashing of BIOS with the Flash Drive. So if any one knows about How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives? then please let me know. Thanks ion advance.

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    Re: How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives?

    Hey this as simple as you are doing with the help of the Floppy Disk. To perform the same first connect your flash drive to computer and then copy the BIOS file to it and then restart your computer. Boot from the Flash drive and then get into the BIOS Flash utility. Now select the Flash ROM and hot the Enter key from Keyboard to flash the BIOS. This will Flash the BIOS through the Flash drive.

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    Re: How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives?

    Hi there, I am giving you some of the important steps that will guide you for the Flashing of Bios with the help of the Flash drive. So go through the detail listed below.

    • Make the Flash drive Bootable
    • First download the BIOS
    • Extract the the BIOS file
    • Copy the bios.BIN, the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and AWDFLASH.EXE utility to Flash Drive
    • Now edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and add the below given commands to it
      • @echo off
      • cls
      • @ECHO OFF
      • C:\AWDFLASH bios.BIN /cks/sn/py/cc/cd/cp/ld/qi/WB/ch
      • echo "The version of BIOS was inaccurate,"
      • echo "Please remove the floppy, download the right one and re-flash."
      • @ECHO OFF

    • Save the AUTOEXEC.BAT
    • Restart your PC connected with the Bootable Flash drive
    • Enter the Boot Menu and get into BIOS Flash
    • Select the Bootable Flash Drive

    Thats it!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives?

    To perform the Flashing of the BIOS all you have to is to make the bootable flash drive and start the PC with the Bootable flash drive and after that Go to BOIS menu and select the Flash drive from the list and then hit the enter key from the Keyboard and you are done. The important part in all the process is making the Flash drive bootable. To attempt that download the attachment which is a nice tools for making the Flash drive bootable.
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    Re: How to Flash BIOS with Flash Drives?

    Hey the flashing of drive is not advisable as it can cause the boot dead if you are not doing it properly. If you have taken any step wrong you will make the system hang up for long time. So its better to ask for the people who are having then good knowledge about the flashing of the BIOS. Also the different motherboard having the different setting for the same. So take the step according to your Motherboard.

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