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Thread: AMD System working slow

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    AMD System working slow

    I opened RAM once and after placed it in the slot again.
    After that the system went very slow and will not start every time. Even the Graphic Card got very headed up.
    The Ram was placed in slot properly, as the system at times rebooted properly. One of my friend told may be SMPS is not working properly.
    And when the system was made to run with another machine's SMPS(Cooler Master Real Power pro 650W)
    it started properly. It was thought SMPS may have a problem. And in the process of detecting any other error,
    the processor(AMD Phenom I) got burnt. So next day i took my machine to Computer Shop, where new processor(AMD Phenom II)was placed and then the
    machine ran fine. I was told the problem was due to dust, and the SMPS was fine. And it was cleaned by the mechanic.
    I was told to format the system once.
    Next one day the system ran fine, but again the same problem started. The monitor shut down , suddenly,
    even while making changes in settings of the bios.
    I want to find out where the problem may be? Can it be due to overheating of the Graphic Card?


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    Re: AMD System working slow

    Try this out. First Disconnect your Graphic card. Then remove your RAM and then rub the edges of the RAM with an ink rubber. Connect the RAM back again without graphic card support. Check the speed. If the problem does not occur then connect the Graphic card back. Now work for a while. If this works then it means you system board is not cleaned properly. If your system works properly without graphic card then the possible reasons are first your graphic card is not getting enough power, second out dated drivers and third damage hardware.

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