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Thread: CPU and RAM fine but PC is slow

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    CPU and RAM fine but PC is slow

    First i would like to tell you that there are no spywares and viruses on my computer system because i have run anti-virus program for detecting these kind of bugs in my system.
    I have the 2.4GHz and 3GB RAM in my system. But my system takes longer time than the normal to start the applications. I have tried the application on my laptop, but it starts in seconds on my laptop . It takes about 1 minute to start on my computer system. The processor of my desktop is Intel Core 2 Duo. I am not able to find the reason for this problem.How can i fix this problem?

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    Re: CPU and RAM fine but PC is slow

    You are having the Intel core 2 Duo processor with the 3GB Ram in your system. But you are saying that your system is Running very slower than the normal. The reason for this could be the large number of processes are running in your system at the start-up. Close the unusable processes from the task manager that you are not using. This will free up some of your RAM memory and the application will be speed up. This will solve your problem. This will increase the speed of your system.

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    Re: CPU and RAM fine but PC is slow

    The reason for you system slow down could be the logs and temporary folders and other things like that which can slow down your system which has 3GB RAM. First of all clear all the logs, Browsing history, temp folders and Cache memory of your computer system. Clear all the unnecessary applications from the C Drive of your computer. This will free some space on your hard drive to run the application.

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    Re: CPU and RAM fine but PC is slow

    However you have not mentioned that which Operating system you are using in your computer system. You are saying that the application which takes about Minute to start on you computer start in some seconds on your laptop. But you have not mentioned the OS you are using in your both the systems. The speed of the computer also depends on the Operating System You are using. For example Windows XP is faster than the Windows Vista operating system.

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